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Counting: DIN Rail Install Style

We guarantee the color of coat for more five years. Speaking of our special kinds of distribution boxes, they can work for more 15 ...
1. Rated Thermal Current: 32A
2. Poles Number: IP, IP+N(one module), 2P, 3P, 4P
3. Rated Voltage(Un): 230v(IP, IP+N), 400V(2P, 3P, 4P)
4. Rated InsuIation VoItage: ...
They are supported by Iron with baking varnish and burnish protecting its surface, or composed of other materials such as ferroalloy, aluminum alloy, which features them ...
AC & A Type Residual Current Circuit Breaker
1. Type: MG series Residual Current Circuit Breaker without Over current protection
2. Standard: Conformity with the ...
In: 160-1600A
A. Smart and sensitive
B. Subtle manufacture and superior material
C. Salable and safe

These Items are based on superior plexiglass plastic with ...
These series of products are based on insulated and heatproof special plastic, with brass as their contactors.

With many features as follows:
1. Salable for its ...
Isolating Switch providing function of isolation

They perform smartly and sensitively during operation. These manufactures are based on isolated materials, you ...
Cover Opening
1. Be available from 1 row up to 6 rows.
2. Each row is capable of accepting 16 DIN rail modules.
3. Generous Neutral & Earth terminals.
4. Door ...
1. Performance: Smart and sensitive
2. Pole No: 1, 2, 3, 4
3. Rated curren(A): 16, 25, 40, 63, 80, 100
4. Rated voltage: 230/400VAC
5. Standard: BS EN60943-7

These series of products are based on heatproof material and their engines are manufactured with professional skills. We can guarantee that there would be little things ...
1. Model: M-6WAY single pole
2. Material: 1mm-1.2mm steel with powder-electrostatic coat
3. Busbar: Plug in style

Be suitable for circuit of ...
Relative Information:
1. Performance: Single pole 240V, and double, triple, and 2. Quadruple poles 415V overload and short circuit protection.
3. Appliance: Used for lighting ...
In: 160-250A
A. Smart and sensitive
B. Subtle manufacture and superior material
C. Salable and safe

These series of switches manufactured with professional skills ...
In: 160-250A
A. Smart and sensitive
B. Subtle manufacture and superior material
C. Salable and safe

These series of switches manufactured with professional skills ...
1) Elegant appearance and Long-term work
2) High quality and reasonable price
3) From the above, you can trust that the series of Distribution Boxes leads a good ...
A. Elegant appearance
B. High-tech product
C. Sell well on foreign markets

They are used to snaped smelly exhaust gas out of your bathroom to keep ...
Performance: Protection against both overload and short circuit

These Items are based on insulated and heatproof organic plastic with their bodies and yellow brass with ...
Available with or without power reserve

1. Rated voltage: 230VAC
2. Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
3. Consumption: 2.5VA
4. Contact capacity: 16A/250VAC cycles 24 hours ...
1. Rated Voltage: 230VAC
2. Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
3. Colour: Red, green, yellow
4. Max Power: 0.6W
5. Lllumination: LED
6. Service Duration: 30, 000 hours
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
These meters measure the DC current. Elegant appearance and high quality leads a good market to you in your country.

Note: If measuring ranges over 50A, meters can be connected ...
1. Type: Flush, surface
2. Way: 8, 12, 15, 18, 24
3. Row: 1, 2
4. Model: DIN RAIL

It is supported by Iron with varnish baking and burnish protecting its ...
GT series load centers have been designed for safe ,reliable distribution and control of electrical power as service entrance equipment in residential,commercial and light ...
1)A093 2Gang
13A Double pole switched. BS 1363
2)A171 2G Blank Plate

1. White Square Range with brown or gray back-cover
2. Heatproof and isolated resin
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
1)(top left)
A010 10A 1 gang 1 way
A011 10A 1 gang 2 way
For fluorescent or incandescent lighting. For use with 1 way circuits and 1 gang back box. 60.3mm fixing centres.

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